The neverending happiness

Silvija is 14 years old. She has carried her rabbit Sugar with her everywhere she goes for the last 3 years. Sugar is Silvija’s plush toy. She also likes her grannie’s cat, called Mike.
Silvija was abused by her mother. Now the mother has lost custody rights for her and Silvija lives with her father. He is her only official guardian. The father is jobless and homeless. If the father can’t find a job and a home to live in, Silvija will be transferred to an orphanage.

In Silvija’s story, no matter what happens, the happiness never ends. It is a magical place where her favorite toy rabbit Sugar and her granny’s cat Mike play, laugh, and help each other. In this world, things change and turn into something else all the time. One never knows what will happen next. But in that magical place, things never turn out badly, if one never gets scared or loses hope, and keeps moving on.

In the meadows, Sugar is eating a carrot and Mike is catching a butterfly. The rabbit cannot chew the carrot because it is too hard, and the cat cannot catch the butterfly because it has turned into an eagle. The eagle brings another carrot for the rabbit, but when the rabbit bites into the carrot, it becomes a butterfly. The cat jumps up and catches the butterfly. But the butterfly then turns into a fish. The rabbit is scared and hides. The cat swallows the fish. The rabbit hides behind a big stone. The eagle brings another carrot to the rabbit. And when the rabbit tries this carrot, he loves it. The cat and rabbit have a great snack. Then they return to their house in the clouds. In the clouds, Sugar and Mike cook, sleep, watch TV, read books, sing and dance. The happiness never ends.

Created by Silvija 14 yr.