to be elsewhere

The stone that wanted to be elsewhere

Viktorija, 11 years old, answers the questions only after looking at her mother.

Her mother thinks that Viktorija keeps coming up with weird ideas. She can tell that a car is “hairy”. Viktorija puts on her clothes crookedly, she cannot fasten her buttons properly, she has problems with friendships as her friends keep changing all the time, and she does not understand the concepts of time and space. Viktorija is very sensitive and cries whenever her mother leaves for work. All this worries her mother and she takes Viktorija to the doctors.

Viktorija admits that she mostly experiences her feelings internally and does not show anything externally.

Viktorija sleepwalks at night more and more often. She looks for her shoes in the bed, for a jacket in the wardrobe and tries to leave the house.

Viktorija created a story about the Stone that was born at the bottom of the sea and was different. All other stones had blue mouths and this one had a yellow mouth. The Stone wanted to be Elsewhere and one day it ran away.

On the way to Elsewhere, the Stone was joined by a couple of fish. They also wanted to go Elsewhere as they were tired of being the smallest fish in the sea. The man that they unexpectedly met on their way was so fascinated by the beauty of the Stone that he left his home and moved to live at the bottom of the sea. He believed that place had to be much more beautiful than his own home.

The Stone and the fish settled in the man’s house. As time passed, the fish grew bigger and were becoming noisier and noisier. One day the Stone thought that it wanted to be Elsewhere. It opened the door, closed its eyes and rolled out looking for a new Elsewhere.

Created by Viktoria 11 yr.