no better

Without bunnies no better

Dominykas, aged 9, has very low self-esteem. Therefore, he constantly tries to dominate, to exalt himself, to be the centre of attention. There is nothing scarier for Dominykas than to lose at a game.

He is very jealous of his recently born sister – his parents are now only interested in her. As a result, Dominykas constantly suffers from helplessness and anger attacks, which he denies and represses.

Having peer friends is very important to Dominykas, but he does not know how to keep them and is very distressed by this.

Dominykas created a story about a family of hedgehogs. The hedgehogs could never pick enough mushrooms to eat because bunnies, the best friends of the little hedgehog Domantas, constantly made them laugh. The hedgehogs were so tired of laughing that they had no energy left to pick the mushrooms, even when they managed to find them. The hedgehogs would fall asleep next to the mushrooms and when they woke up, they would see that someone else had already picked them. 

Once the bunnies made the hedgehogs laugh so hard that they slept for a long time. When they woke up, it was night. The hedgehogs couldn’t find their way back home at night and asked a squirrel to help them. Unfortunately, the squirrel couldn’t show them the way home, but she took them to a house left by some birds as they had moved out to a nest. The hedgehogs liked the house very much and stayed in it.

In the new place, the hedgehogs could eat as many mushrooms as their hearts desired. There were no bunnies, and nobody made them laugh. Life seemed to be wonderful and full. But something was wrong. So one morning the little hedgehog Domantas woke up and told his mother that he was going to look for his old bunny friends.   

Created by Dominykas 9 yr.